Oil Intelligence – Review Site

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AboutOil Intelligence

Oil Intelligence is an oil review and promotion organization. They have seen the benefit in essential oils. With the flow of knowledge and information about oils oil intelligence is working to be a great place to find honest reviews and avenues to get the oils education and products you need.


About this project

For this website we were approached by the group that represents Oil Intelligence. They wanted a platform to review and post information about oils in a review site format. Also, within this format they wanted other to be able to leave their review. This was so that many different points of view would lead to a community rating.

Built on a WordPress backend Oil Intelligence is built as a complete CMS system with a membership capability into the backend. We made it easy for them to manage and add review and information easily. There is the capability to have a store front in the future as well as different membership levels.

With an ever accessible search feature different reviews and pages with relative information are found with ease. As review are added they are also populating other areas of the site. So, with minimal effort on our clients end to keep their pages updated through out the website.

The website is also set up to forward the users to pages for purchase in or outside of the Oil Intelligence site. Affiliate links can be used to help fund their non profit and take the site users easily to the products that will benefit them the most from their findings on the Oil Intelligence site.