Dr. Art Labelle – Mountain Chiropractor

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AboutThe Client

Dr. Art LaBelle is listed in Who’s who of colleges and Universities for his work in gross anatomy as a graduate student. Now going into my 20th year of practice, my study of anatomy and biomechanics has never stopped. Opening up muscles and joints to bring forward a better resting posture is often my treatment goal. Post graduate work in Applied Kinesiology, chiropractic, acupuncture, biochemistry, functional medicine, enzyme therapy, Digestive health, graston, network chiropractic, and various other physical, energetic and nutritional theraputics. I enjoyed time working and learning with Kory Branham DC more than 10 years ago. This time with one of the best of the best healers was pivotal in my development. 12 years ago I went to a specialized school for veterinarians and chiropractors to certify in animal chiropractic.


About this project

Client is looking for a website to help promote his chiropractic services locally in the Park City/Salt Lake City area. The site was to be set up to easily navigate and easily sell clients on making a booking easily through the site.

Building an online booking system in which open times slots can be put into the calendar and clients can sign up online for open time frames. Deposit or payment can be made online easily to help streamline the process. Multiple contact forms and areas to ask questions are also existent to make it easy to communicate and sell services.

Social and other online marketing will send traffic to the site. PPC to put the ads leading to info on the site will push to quickly set them up for strong organic rankings. Focusing on area, and zip code ranges for advertising. All marketing matches site and other marketing efforts to keep a company consistency.

Future efforts will be to continue to populate the blog with useful information for their clients. This will also include a video blog that the the client will work on producing to show results and talk about his work. We will assist him in all the video efforts and taking the content produced to continue to promote the website.